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5 Reasons to Use Wix Booking for Your Service-Based Business

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Third-party scheduling software like Acuity and Calendly is great, but why spend extra money and time managing additional software when you don’t have to?

Or maybe you’re looking to launch an online course, but you don’t have the budget or the amount of dedicated time needed to learn and master a marketing platform like Kajabi.

The beauty of the Wix platform is that it offers a fully integrated experience that will make it easy for you and your staff (hello, growing business owner!) to manage your service-based business—whether you’ve got a brick and mortar or you’re location free.

Here are five powerful features that will save you time while you grow your business

  1. Manage your appointments, sessions, classes, and courses in one place Wix Booking will empower your clients to book, manage and pay for their services while allowing you to set office hours and appointment schedules for you and your staff. The booking calendar features tools like the ability to add buffer time in between appointments so that you can manage your time efficiently without double booking meetings and/or services.

  2. The app will create, manage and send out your Zoom links for you Wix Booking fully integrates with your Zoom account. And here’s the super cool part: you won’t have to create a new zoom meeting again, because once your account is synced, your website will create and manage all of your Zoom meetings for you, from start to finish! Whether you want to host a video conference with a client or host a fitness class online, all you have to do is make sure it’s listed as an available service on your website. Once your client or student books a meeting or class with you, a unique class or meeting link is then automatically generated and emailed to them within the booking confirmation email, and you’ll be able to join the meeting right from your Wix calendar dashboard.

  3. Decide how you want to get paid with online and offline payments Wix Bookings offers several ways for your clients to pay for your services. If you’ve got a PayPal account, you can use it as your credit card processor, or set up a free Wix Payments Account (as with PayPal, transaction fees apply). If you prefer to accept a manual payment from your client for individual bookings, you can set up instructions on how they can pay you offline (i.e. cash in person, Venmo, or Cash App). Memberships & Packages You’ll increase sales and make it seamless for your customers with memberships and packages that can be booked individually or set up as a subscription with billing that auto-renews. You can customize your own billing periods, payment and cancellation policies. Additionally, you can offer and customize the length of a free trial period on memberships before your customer is billed and offer special discounts to new and existing customers with coupon codes. Pro Tip: Giving your members the option to manage their subscription with the option to cancel at any time builds trust and will increase your number of auto-subscribers while saving you time and supporting a consistent flow of income!

  4. Provide a seamless experience for your customers The Wix platform is built on a powerful customer management system that will allow you to track sales, manage your clients and customers, and deliver them email marketing notifications right from your Wix dashboard. A good user experience creates satisfied and loyal customers. They’ll appreciate the convenience of one online destination and you’ll love being equipped with the tools that will help you to increase sales and scale your business with ease.

  5. Empower your clients and customers with a dedicated App When you use the Wix Booking App, your site members will have an area of their own to book and manage their services with you. From the member dashboard, you can opt to allow them to cancel or reschedule services, manage their subscription, and more. Pro Tip: Further empower your subscribers and members by giving them the option to book and manage services on the go with your own custom space on the Wix User App, included with your website.

Best of all, the Wix Booking app is included free with your Wix Business Premium Plan. Fully leveraging the features you've already paid for will save you precious time and resources that are better spent on running (and scaling) your business.


Interested in unlocking more robust tools and features specific to your business that will help you make the most of your Wix investment?

Book a custom 90 minute Wix Training Session with me.

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